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Dear Interested Member,

I regret to inform you that we have been contacted by the legal representatives of Tiger Electronics, the makers of Furby. They have informed us that we cannot use the domain and cannot use the name Furby Street Kids. They have further demanded that we sign over the name to Tiger Electronics. Legally they are correct. We will therefore have to comply.

Let me however explain the purpose of this site the reason for its' existence.

The Furby Street Kids was created to allow children who own a Furby or who would like to own a Furby to become members and to receive a Furby as part of the membership. We would then contribute as much of the proceeds as possible to children's charities around the world.

We feel that as a commercial organization we should make a contribution to the less fortunate and this was an attempt to lend our services and skills to this.

It would be very sad for commerce and legalities to put a stop to this. In all fairness, we have presented this case to the legal representatives who have contacted us and they have promised to present this to Tiger Electronics. In the meantime we would like to ask your help in this matter.

If YOU think this a valid cause and would like to let Tiger Electronics and their legal representative know about this please email us we will forward your thoughts.

Remember this is something good that can come out of interest in Furby and I think in this season of goodwill we should consider those less fortunate than ourselves. If you are a member of a Children's Charity and think that this would benefit the Children whom your charity represents, then also please contact us.


Thank You

Jasper Kirby Furby