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    The content of this server is our main concern. We endeavour to provide the Internet users with good educational texts, useful databases, accurate information and valuable links. Our own documents (those marked with Athena's owl!) are often revised. We hope you find them clean.
    Meanwhile, if you find errors in our documents or changes in links, please inform us: it is useful for the tens of thousands of ATHENA's users - who are rather cultivated people, as we can see in ATHENA's log files!
    ATHENA is a personal piece of work. See University pages for Literature or History at the Faculty of Arts and Mineralogy at the Faculty of Science.


    What you do on this server is written in the statistics file (this is the case for almost all Internet sites); this log-book is often wiped, because it always reaches rapidly lots of Mb.


    All documents and pictures edited at ATHENA or sent to ATHENA for display are copyrighted (1986, 1994, 1998). Only personal use for educational purpose is allowed. Any commercial use of the items edited at ATHENA is strictly prohibited.


    Colours change depending upon the hour of the day, the type of artificial light in rooms, reflection of neighbouring objects, preconceived ideas, one's visual capabilities, one's mood, etc. (People who are studying polished sections in reflected light, with a metallographic microscope, do well know how to take these problems into account!).
    Several pictures were taken in poor conditions: with insufficient light or without tripod. Moreover colours change when developing, scanning, displaying or printing.
    For these reasons, pictures displayed on this site must not be considered and copied as reference documents. They must be considered as an incentive to establish links between fields of knowledge.
     This site is best viewed with a PC, 17''x1024x768x256 monitor, 16Mb memory, html3 and frame capable browser (Netscape 3 or Internet Explorer 3). Pictures will not be nice with obsolete material.


    We don't take any responsibility concerning the items you find at ATHENA. If you use any of them, it is at your own risk.

    Thank you for visiting us and for sending such friendly and encouraging mails!

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