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Exposition MONET
Rouen, août 1994

La cathédrale de Rouen

Monet Monet Monet

Monet Monet

La cathédrale de Rouen, 14 août 1994
La cathédrale de Rouen, 14 août 1994

    In Summer 1994, I went to the Musée des Beaux-Arts at Rouen, France, to see the famous Gérard David's altar piece of the Virgin and the Saints. There was also a wonderful special exhibit: a dozen of Cathédrale de Rouen, by Monet. Unfortunately, I didn't take more pictures, because there were many visitors and I had to wait too long to have easy access to the paintings!
    Please note that the photos were not taken under the best conditions. There are slight color changes between Monet's paintings, the photos, the scanned images and the displayed images: the latter cannot be considered as an exact document. They simply should give an incentive to visit the museums of arts.

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