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Frequently Asked Questions - Order of Military Merit

Who decides who is appointed to the Order of Military Merit?

A commanding officer or a military Advisory Committee (for ranks of Colonel and above) recommends the names of those serving members of the Forces they believe are eligible to the Chief of the Defence Staff. The Chief of the Defence Staff then submits these names to the Governor General for approval.

How many people are appointed to the Order each year?

The Constitution of the Order is a set of regulations that limits the number of appointments per year to one-tenth of one percent of the average number of persons who were members of the Canadian Forces during the previous year. In 1997, 110 appointments were made.

Can people be promoted within the Order?

Yes. When people are promoted, they must exchange their badge for one that corresponds to the new level, since no more than one badge for the Order of Military Merit may be worn at the same time.

Can retired members of the Forces be nominated for the Order?

No. Appointments to the Order apply only to active members of either the Regular or Reserve Forces.

Are posthumous appointments considered?

No. The Order of Military Merit, like the Order of Canada, is a living order.

Do members of the Order of Military Merit receive their insignia from the Governor General?

Yes. In most cases, members of the Order are invited to an investiture ceremony, which takes place once a year at Rideau Hall or La Citadelle.

When a member of the Order of Military Merit dies, can his or her family keep the insignia?


How do members of the Order wear their insignia if they already have other medals, either military or civilian?

The Order of Precedence for the wearing of honours is explained in a publication called Wearing of Orders, Decorations and Medals, which is available from the Chancellery.

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