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The Order of Canada Mentorship Program

Collaboration with Youth In Motion

List of Mentorship Participants

The Governor General has identified youth as a major priority for her mandate. During her official visits to each Canadian province and territory, Her Excellency consulted with young Canadians to understand how the institution of the governor general can be more accessible and meaningful to young Canadians, providing them with unprecedented opportunities to reach decision makers and citizens alike.

The Objectives

Through these exchanges, Her Excellency put forward the following objectives:

  • Provide a national space in which youth perspectives can be taken seriously and youth initiatives can be supported
  • Increase opportunities for young Canadians and youth overseas to collaborate and network around common aims
  • Encourage youth to improve their efforts to foster social change through mentorship opportunities with experts in a variety of fields

The Order of Canada mentorship program

In June 2008, the Governor General launched The Order of Canada mentorship program, presented in collaboration with Youth In Motion’s Top 20 Under 20TM program.  The mentorship program is a pilot project that will match 25 members of the Order of Canada with 25 extraordinary Canadian youth, including the 2008 recipients of Youth In Motion’s Top 20 Under 20 awards.

In addition to in-person encounters, the mentorship program will take place primarily online, through another one of the Governor General’s youth initiatives, the CitizenVoices website. will offer the young participants and their mentors a secure space in which to connect with one another.  They will also share their experiences and thoughts with the public using blogs and online forums.  Members of the public will therefore be able to follow along as the 50 participants go through this unique experience and see how the program enriches both sides of the mentoring relationship.

Events surrounding the launch of the program in June 2008

On the morning of June 5, 2008, the Governor General will host a roundtable discussion with the 50 participants of the Order of Canada mentorship program. The theme of the discussion will be centred around the motto of the Order of Canada: desiderantes melioem patriam. (Desiring a better country).

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Updated: 2008-06-16
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