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Whether it’s the flowers in the gardens, the food and wine served during state visits or the art collection that adorns the walls of Rideau Hall, the Office of the Governor General has become a showcase of Canadian excellence and creativity. At home and abroad, the Governor General takes pride in the work produced by Canadians.

Walk down the corridors of Rideau Hall and the walls come alive with the creative spirit of the imaginative Canadian artists. Rideau Hall is a temporary home to many of Canada’s finest artworks. A showcase of Canada’s best art, ranging from classic to contemporary – that is what the public deserves to see when it visits the official residences of the Governor General. The doors are wide open. Over 150,000 people visit Rideau Hall in addition to the thousands of Canadians who attend annual events.

Rideau Hall and its grounds belong to the Canadian people. A woodland garden made up of native Canadian and northern plants has been planted. Maple syrup trees, a Canadian tradition, as well as native oak trees and a mix of native and common garden perennials are found throughout the grounds.

Created: 2005-09-27
Updated: 2005-12-06
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