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In addition to continuing his private work as essayist and novelist, His Excellency John Ralston Saul participates in many activities of the Governor General. In this official role, he has also undertaken initiatives to encourage national debate among Canadians of all ages on issues such as bilingual education and the future of Canadian democracy.

Since 1998, John Ralston Saul has been bringing together French immersion and francophone students across the country for the annual French for the Future/Français pour l’avenir conference. The conference has grown from a one-community event in 1997 to a cross-country forum linking students in nine different cities from Vancouver to St. John’s. Through video satellite technology, students are able to interact with other French immersion and francophone students from across the country to share their experiences and thoughts on being bilingual in today’s society.

Through the annual LaFontaine-Baldwin Conference, John Ralston Saul encourages Canadians to come together in a national debate on the future of Canada’s civic culture. By looking back at the historical context of our democratic roots, we are in a better position as a society to discuss the way we imagine ourselves and our evolving democracy.

John Ralston Saul has also taken a lead role in promoting Canadian wines on menus at Rideau Hall. The cellar is stocked with 100% Canadian VQA wine and every year, John Ralson Saul leads delegations of industry representatives, ambassadors from wine-producing countries and potential exporters at the annual Cuvée in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario and the Okanagan Wine Festival in British Columbia. Not only do these events expose the group to outstanding Canadian wines, they also encourage the pursuit of excellence among vintners in Canada’s two primary wine producing regions.

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