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At Tobias Basses, we build instruments that fit the player and the situation. The neck is slim and asymmetrically contoured to the shape of the human hand, eliminating muscle fatigue and allowing full access to higher fret work with proper positioning. The body design is offset to provide easy reach to both extremes of the neck; contoured to give a smooth comfortable fit with no hard edges to hamper your concentration; balanced to provide comfort for extended periods of playing. The controls are manageable without being in the way.

Each instrument is unique, possessing its own voice and character, hand-carved to its fullest potential to give you, the player, an effortless avenue of total artistic expression.

The pickups and active circuitry are designed to our specifications by Bartolini Research. They offer a wide range of tonal variety without masking the sound of your chosen wood combinations. All basses employ the same 3-band e.q. that enhances your bass while not adding any unnatural voicings.

Our ability to match woods for tone quality and voicing along with innovative ergonomic design, has made Tobias Basses one of the most desirable instruments available. It is possible to give the player the tone quality he or she desires while allowing several choices of wood combinations to aid the expansion and growth of your personal statement.

Our basses offer a wide range of tone qualities and voicing depending on the woods selected. Because our basses employ a neck-thru-body design, the composition of the neck adds a great deal to the sound. For instance, a maple and purple heart neck will be bright and articulate while a walnut and purple heart neck will be more on the mellow side.

The easiest way to explain the variation in tone qualities of different Body woods is to rate them in terms of hardness. Softer woods tend to sound sweet and mellow while harder woods tend to sound bright and clear.

By combining different soft and hard woods, as found in our Classic and Signature models, we can tailor the sound to needs of the player. This makes for an extremely versatile instrument.

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