With Web History, you'll be able to:

  • View and manage your web activity.
    You know that great web site you saw online and now can't find? From now on, you can. With Web History, you can view and search across the full text of the pages you've visited, including Google searches, web pages, images, videos and news stories. You can also manage your web activity and remove items from your web history at any time.

  • Get the search results most relevant to you.
    Web History helps deliver more personalized search results based on the things you've searched for on Google and the sites you've visited. You might not notice a big impact on your search results early on, but they should steadily improve over time the more you use Web History.

  • Follow interesting trends in your web activity.
    Which sites do you visit frequently? How many searches did you do between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.? Web History can tell you about these and other interesting trends in your web activity.

Want to learn more? Try the Web History Help page.

Security Note: To help protect your privacy, we'll sometimes ask you to verify your password even though you're already signed in. This may happen more frequently for services like Web History which involves your personal information.

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