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Natural Resources Topics
A comprehensive list of online resources

Water Index
Aquifers in BC (Maps and Classification Database)
Planning, management and protection of B.C. groundwater information.
Drinking Water Protection
A safe and dependable supply of drinking water is critical for the health of all British Columbians, now and in the future.
Land and Water British Columbia Inc.
Application process and viewing of Crown Lands currently available for tenure/purchase, access water rights information and water use planning, current commercial recreation planning initiatives and application process information.
River and Lake Hydrometric Data
Streams and lakes realtime and historic hydrometric data including air temperature, precipitation, discharge, water levels.
Safe Drinking Water Action Plan
Action plan to protect drinking water from source to tap by improving standards for monitoring, treatment, reporting and accountability to the public.
Water Quality Reports & Technical Guidelines
A collection of documents related to water quality data and objectives.
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