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Order of Nova Scotia News Release

What is the Order of Nova Scotia?
The Order of Nova Scotia is the highest honour of the Province of Nova Scotia. Established this year, it encourages excellence by recognizing Nova Scotians for outstanding contributions or achievements. Members of the Order of Nova Scotia have distinguished themselves in many fields of endeavour and have brought honour and prestige to themselves and to Nova Scotia.

Minister MacDonald, Lieutenant Governor Freeman, and Premier Hamm unveil the Order of Nova Scotia

Minister MacDonald, Lieutenant Governor Freeman, and Premier Hamm unveil the Order of Nova Scotia

Who is eligible for the Order?
Any Canadian citizen who is a present or former long-term resident of Nova Scotia is eligible for nomination to the Order. The only exceptions are public officials (such as members of the Senate, MPs, MLAs, municipal councillors, or judges), who may not be nominated while they are in office. The Order may be awarded posthumously, if the person is nominated within one year of their death. Only individuals may be nominated, not couples, groups, or organizations.

Should I nominate someone for the Order?
If you know someone who has made an outstanding contribution to the cultural life or the social or economic well-being of our province, you should consider nominating him or her for the Order of Nova Scotia. It is a special way to honour an individual you respect and admire. Fields of endeavour recognized by this honour include the arts, academics, research, agriculture, business, industry, community leadership, public service, and volunteer service.

Medal colored

How do I nominate someone?
Simply click here to download a PDF version of the nomination form and guidelines (Requires PDF Reader version 4 or later; see note below*). Then print out the form. Or contact our office and we will send you a copy. Then fill in the form and send it to the Province of Nova Scotia Protocol Office, along with information supporting your nomination. A checklist on the back of the form outlines what is required. You must ask at least three other people to write letters supporting your nomination; however, only ONE form is required for each person nominated.

Nominations are accepted throughout the year. The deadline for consideration in 2002 is March 21st.

How are recipients of the Order chosen?
An independent group called the Order of Nova Scotia Advisory Council recommends the appointment of members to the Order each year after considering all nominations received. There are no fixed quotas or categories, but a maximum number of five appointments will be made each year although ten members will be selected in the first year.

Who is on the Order of Nova Scotia Advisory Council?

  • a Chair, appointed by the Premier

  • the Chief Justice of Nova Scotia, or a judge of the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal or the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia, designated by the Chief Justice

  • the Clerk of the Executive Council

  • three members appointed by the Premier, including the president of a university in the province and a member of the Order

  • a member appointed by the Leader of the Opposition

  • a member appointed by each leader of a recognized party in the House of Assembly

What do members of the Order receive?
At a formal ceremony, the Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia, in the name of the Crown, presents each recipient with a medal in the form of a stylized mayflower, the provincial floral emblem, bearing the shield of arms of Nova Scotia surmounted by the crown.

Medal colored

The medal is worn with a blue, white, red, and gold ribbon-the colours of our provincial flag. There is also a semi-formal medal and ribbon and a lapel pin. Members of the Order are entitled to use the initials O.N.S. after their names.

For further information
please contact
The Protocol Office
One Government Place
Barrington Level
1700 Granville Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 1X5
Telephone: (902) 424-4463
Fax: (902) 424-4309

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