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GreatDomains - The Internet's #1 Domain Name, Website, and Internet-based business brokerage service.

Escrow Service provides brokerage and escrow services for domain name, Web site, and Internet-based business sales, using extreme care and high ethical standards.  We regularly handle transactions ranging from $500 to  $1,000,000, both domestically and internationally.

We caution you about handling transactions on your own.  There are countless people who never received the domain names that they paid for or people who lost their names without receiving any cash.  Please don’t let that happen to you.  For the moderate cost of this service, you can ensure that your domain name transaction is successful.

This service is $250 with the purchase of names listed on this site and is required.  This fee is typically paid by the seller.

Buyers and sellers who have already agreed on a sales price may still utilize our brokerage and escrow service for a flat fee of $500 (or a minimum of 1%).

Here's how our brokerage and escrow service works:

1) You provide us the details of the transaction: domain name, selling price, current and future owners, and email addresses in the online form below:

2) After confirming ownership registration via Whois and transaction details with each party via e-mail, we complete a domain name Purchase Agreement and escrow instructions for both parties to the transaction to sign.

3) After the documentation is complete and returned to the office, we open a separate bank Account for this transaction, and the buyer is instructed to remit the funds to this Account.

4) We work with the buyer and seller and the domain name registrar to properly effect the domain name transfer.

5) We confirm the successful transfer through the registrar.

6) We release the funds from escrow to the seller (made payable to the registered owner per the Registrar), less our $500 (or minimum of 1% $US) transfer fee. We assume the seller pays the transfer fee unless we are otherwise instructed.

To receive further information regarding this service, please complete this short form below:

E-Mail Sent From: Seller  Buyer  GD
Domain Name Sold:
Selling Price:
Buyer's Name:
Buyer's Phone:
Buyer's E-Mail Address:
Seller's Name:
Seller's Phone:
Seller's E-Mail Address:
Special Instructions:

Upon receipt of the above, each party will be sent escrow instructions.  No fees are charged until the name has been transferred successfully.

If you have any further questions, please contact