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GreatDomains - The Internet's #1 Domain Name, Website, and Internet-based business brokerage service.

Frequently Asked Questions
A Domain Name is a very valuable asset to a company or an individual. It provides a quick and easy way for your clients and customers to find you on the Web and to send you e-mail. However, the supply of domain names is limited and virtually all superior names have been registered with Internic, the domain name registration service associated with the National Science Foundation.

This site provides a market for companies and individuals to buy and sell domain names, developed Web sites, and Internet-based businesses under the accepted industry practices that govern business opportunity and trademark sales. Additionally, this service allows domain names and Web sites to be brought to their highest and best use. provides brokerage and escrow services for these domain name, Web site, and Internet-based business sales, using the same diligence and high ethical standards that we utilize for our real property and business opportunity transactions.

You probably have many questions regarding this process. Hopefully, the following addresses many of these:

How do I buy a domain name, Web site, or Internet-based business?
There are no fees charged to the buyer for this service. All fees are paid by the seller. Simply review the domain names, developed Web sites, and Internet-based businesses for sale and submit an offer using an interactive form. We will forward your offer to the seller and notify you whether your offer has been accepted, rejected, or if there is a counteroffer. If your offer is accepted, you will be mailed a purchase contract and detailed escrow instructions to sign, similar to those used in a real estate or business opportunity transaction.

How do I sell a domain name, Web site, or Internet-based business?
There is no charge to list a domain name, Web site, or Internet-based business for sale and no charge if the listing does not sell. If we find a buyer for your listing, the commission charged will be 7% of the sales price plus $250 for escrow fees to properly transfer the registration through Internic, to establish a trust account for the sales proceeds during escrow, and to provide appropriate disclosures to properly protect all parties to the transaction. To list a domain name, Web site, or Internet-based business for sale, Click Here.

What is my Domain Name worth?
Read the Valuation Model for ideas on Domain pricing.

Do I pay a commission if I find a buyer independently?
No commission is charged if you find a buyer independently and you may still utilize our brokerage and escrow service, as described above, for a flat fee of $500. For more information Click Here.

What listing price should I set for my Web site, domain name, or Internet-based business?
Start by reviewing the listing prices on our service. The prices range from less than one thousand to many hundreds of thousands of dollars. In addition, envision the best use of the domain name or Web site and the magnitude of the additional income that could result to an existing or new company from owning the name. Alternatively, a domain name may have significant value as a "vanity" name for an individual's e-mail and Web site. If you are listing an income-generating Internet-based business, then the sale is essentially a business opportunity transaction. Depending upon the growth potential and the predictability of earnings, business opportunities typically sell from three to fifteen times annual pre-tax profit. Lastly, the final indicator of value is what you would feel satisfied receiving to part with your domain name, Web site, or Internet-based business.

Can I buy and use a domain name that is a trademark of someone else?
It very much depends on the specifics. For example, if IBM bought, legal precedent indicates that the court would likely require IBM to release to Apple Computer. If, however, an apple farmer bought to sell fruit over the Internet, Apple Computer would likely have less of a claim. We highly recommend that you read Internic's policy on domain name ownership.

The domain name I want is not included in your inventory. What should I do?
The first step is to contact our Web Creation and Hosting Division. If your requested domain name is available, we can register it and create and host your Web pages at very reasonable rates. If the name is not available, we will contact the owner of the domain name and attempt to negotiate the sale of the name, but expect that the owner will likely charge a significant premium to release the name.

How are you qualified to handle this transaction? created the procedures by which domain name and Internet business sales are handled.  The founders are licensed real estate brokers, license #0183925. Feel free to contact the Department of Real Estate in Sacramento, California to verify our credentials.

How can I contact you?, Inc.
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Can you answer my further questions?
We would be happy to. To send us a question by e-mail, please Click Here. Additionally, Internet Gold-Rush is a site providing further information on domain name issues.