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GSK in focus

GSK in focus gives you news and views about healthcare and what we do to help people live healthier, happier lives.

Each story has appeared in the pictorial banner at the top of our home page or on some of the section landing pages. Generally, more recent stories can be found higher up this page.

Image of a child brushing their teeth
A new brush
The humble toothbrush is changing, with new designs offering a “personalised brushing experience”.
Image of a mother and baby
Eliminating lymphatic filariasis
Through partnership and donation of albendazole, GSK is working to help eliminate this terrible disease.
Image of the red ribbon
Combating HIV/AIDS is a tough battle involving medical treatments and lifestyle changes.
Image of a flu vaccine vial
As bird flu continues to make headlines across the world, GSK is getting ready for a possible flu pandemic.
Image of a ribena bottle
Purple haze
Ribena is one the most popular brands in the UK. But how is it produced?
Image of a finger blood test
The invisible epidemic
Feared since the days of the Roman Empire, malaria remains a major health problem. GSK is supporting several major programmes to answer the challenge.

13,000 people are infected every single day with HIV/AIDS
200 milion birds are thought to be infected with bird flu
95% of the total blackcurrant crop in the UK is processed into Ribena
£277,000 is spent every hour by GSK to research new medicines