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GlaxoSmithKline grants permission of use for the images listed below for publication purposes only. All images used must list GlaxoSmithKline as the image source. Some images are compressed and may require one of the downloads of software located in Related Information to view:

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Sir Richard Sykes Sir Richard Sykes,
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Jean-Pierre Garnier Jean-Pierre Garnier,
Chief Executive Officer
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    John Coombe John Coombe,
Chief Financial Officer
PC hi-res version 120k
MAC hi-res version 121k
Robert Ingram Robert Ingram,
Chief Operating Officer and President,
Pharmaceutical Operations
PC hi-res version 131k
MAC hi-res version 132k
James Niedel James Niedel,
Chief Science and Technology Officer
PC hi-res version 97k
MAC hi-res version 99k
James Palmer James Palmer,
Senior Vice President,
Clinical Development, Pharmaceuticals R&D;
PC hi-res version 120k
MAC hi-res version 120k
Daniel Phelan Daniel Phelan,
Senior Vice President, Human Resources
PC hi-res version 126k
MAC hi-res version 126k
Howard Pien Howard Pien,
Pharmaceuticals, International
PC hi-res version 117k
MAC hi-res version 117k
David Stout David Stout,
President, US Pharmaceuticals
PC hi-res version 528k
MAC hi-res version 534k
Timothy Tyson Timothy Tyson,
Worldwide Manufacturing and Supply Operations
PC hi-res version 171k
MAC hi-res version 171k
Christopher Viehbacher Christopher Viehbacher, President,
Pharmaceuticals, Europe
PC hi-res version 114k
MAC hi-res version 114k
Tadataka Yamada Tadataka Yamada,
Research and Development
PC hi-res version 117k
MAC hi-res version 117k
John Ziegler John Ziegler,
Consumer Healthcare
PC hi-res version 122k
MAC hi-res version 122k
Key Facilities
GSK House London, UK GSK House,
Future worldwide headquarters,
GlaxoSmithKline, London, UK
PC hi-res version 316k
MAC hi-res version 325k
GSK Corporate Offices Philadelphia, PA GSK Corporate Offices,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US
PC hi-res version 1.09meg
MAC hi-res version 1.09meg
Pharmaceuticals R+D facility, Harlow, UK Pharmaceuticals R&D; facility,
Harlow, UK
PC hi-res version 611k
MAC hi-res version 613k
Pharmaceuticals R+D facility, Stevenage, UK Pharmaceuticals R&D; facility,
Stevenage, UK
PC hi-res version 295k
MAC hi-res version 297k
Pharmaceuticals R+D facility, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, US Pharmaceuticals R&D; facility,
Research Triangle Park,
North Carolina, US
PC hi-res version 102k
MAC hi-res version 103k
Pharmaceuticals R+D facility, Upper Merion, PA, US Pharmaceuticals R&D; facility,
Upper Merion, Pennsylvania, US
PC hi-res version 513k
MAC hi-res version 514k