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Supplying goods or services to GSK

General Terms and Conditions

GSK reserves the right to propose contractual terms and conditions that it considers appropriate to a particular procurement initiative. However, to speed up the contracting process and to reduce the volume of paper when issuing purchase orders from its sites in the UK and/or USA, GSK has developed some simple, abridged web-based sets of terms and conditions ("the General Terms & Conditions") that it may elect to contract upon by reference within each purchase order where appropriate.

Accessing the General Terms & Conditions

Rather than issue the relevant set of General Terms & Conditions with each standard purchase order ("Contract Document"), GSK will, where relevant, incorporate them by hyper-linked reference to then current version of the General Conditions.

There are currently three sets of General Terms & Conditions applicable to purchase orders issued by GSK sites based in the UK or USA:

1. UK General Terms & Conditions (Goods & Services) (36 Kb PDF)
2. UK General Terms & Conditions (IT Software & Services) (35 Kb PDF)
3. US General Terms & Conditions (26 Kb PDF)

You will need Adobe Reader to view the General Terms & Conditions. If you are otherwise having difficulty viewing them, please call the GSK person named in the relevant purchase order.

Application of the General Terms & Conditions

The General Terms & Conditions will typically be used where GSK has a relatively straightforward purchasing requirement. Of course, the terms and conditions in any separately negotiated written contract entered into by the parties in respect of the goods or services identified in the purchase order shall overrule the General Terms & Conditions.

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