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Your health

Caring about your health

Understanding how diseases develop and the treatments that are available are important steps in staying healthy.

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Health topics

Depression  what are the causes?

Depression is a common illness that can be triggered by stressful situations such as divorce, financial difficulties or redundancy.

Scientists have discovered that an imbalance of certain chemicals in the brain can cause the illness.

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Did you know...
One in ten people in the Western World develop asthma at some stage in their life.
96% of people with HIV live in the developing world, most in sub-Saharan Africa.
Diabetes explained (opens in a new window)

Interactive tools

Diabetes explained
In this section you will learn about your metabolism and how this changes when you have diabetes.

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Health feature

The invisible epidemic
The humble mosquito may be tiny, but it carries some the worst diseases in the world and kills more people than any other animal.

Up to three million people a year die from this disease and it is the world's leading cause of childhood mortality.

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Clinical trials register
Clinical Trial Register
Access data from GSK sponsored clinical trials.

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