When does news appear on the site?
Stories are posted 24/7. We use a combination of staff and wire stories to stay on top of breaking news. Contents of the Reporter's print edition usually are available Sunday-Thursday nights by 11 (PT). Much of Friday's news that appears in the Monday print edition goes online Friday. The site is updated weekends with breaking news and a boxoffice report on Saturdays.

Do you put all of the paper's news on the site?
The complete news content of the print edition is posted -- and then some. We include most staff stories that didn't appear in the paper because of space limits. Some stories are posted in significantly longer versions than in the paper. In addition, there is Web-only content such as Martin Grove's Filmmaker Focus column, the Playing Games column and our blogs.

Why do I have to pay to read some stories?
We offer specialty information for a professional audience. While the news of the day is available to everyone, certain types of content are reserved for online subscribers. These include news-analysis pieces, research-driven features, archived stories, expanded versions of charts and most databases. In addition, some content is available to subscribers as a "preview." We are dedicated to providing a high-quality news product for both online subscribers and non-subscribers. View subscription options

What does the red star mean?
Stories and data reserved for online subscribers are indicated by a red star next to the headline or link. View subscription options

What about feature stories?
Links to special reports and feature stories can be found on the relevant news page, the home page and in the In Depth section. Also look for links to feature stories in our newsletters. Features for events such as Cannes, Sundance and the Oscars can be found in their own special sections. Feature story packages often include expanded and online-only stories as well as stories available only to subscribers. View calendar of upcoming features & reports

When are boxoffice grosses available?
Boxoffice estimates are available Sundays about 11 a.m. (PT). The full boxoffice estimate story is posted an hour or so later. The final boxoffice story goes up Monday afternoons. All can be found on the boxoffice news page. Online subscribers have access to an expanded version of the boxoffice chart that appears in print. In addition, our newsletter options include emailed versions of the boxoffice charts, which are sent as soon as they're completed. View the boxoffice news page

When are TV ratings posted?
Overnight TV ratings can be found on the homepage and TV news pages most weekday mornings Pacific Time. We've recently added a news page dedicated to ratings-related content. The week's primetime ratings story goes up Tuesday afternoon. View the weekly ratings chart.

Can you help me get in touch with ...?
Sorry, we do not provide contact information for entertainment industry figures. Email requesting this information will not get a reply. The Hollywood Creative Directory provides contact information for companies and executives. Read about Hollywood Creative Directory

Do you have a technical support line?
If you experience a problem with a specific feature of our Web site, please report it. Sorry, we cannot help with Internet connection issues or other problems specific to your computer. Online subscribers in need of support should contact
customer service. Contact the editors Contact customer service