Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Although he has played many a character caught up in a turbulent future world,  Schwarzenegger has something much more tangible on his mind these days: the future of California. More

George Clooney, actor

George Clooney

Sure, he has charm oozing out of his pores, but it wasn't just charisma that earned George Clooney the 21st annual American Cinematheque Award, given to "an extraordinary artist currently making a contribution to the art of the moving picture." With an eclectic body of work comprising mainstream and art house cinema, Clooney has distinguished himself in front of and behind the lens. More

Guillermo del Toro, filmmaker

Guillermo del toro is an anomaly in today's Hollywood. Thanks to a combination of perseverance, talent and a little luck, the Mexico native has fashioned a career directing studio tentpole movies like 2004's "Hellboy" and independent Spanish-language dramas like 2001's "The Devil's Backbone" that feature fantastic twists. More