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Green Hollywood
Studios that once ignored green demands now have flotillas of staff catering to them. The industry has come a long way -- but is it enough? » More

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THR, Esq.

Eliot Spitzer Call Girl Claims 'Girls Gone Wild' Exploited Her
Posted by Eriq Gardner Ashley Alexandra Dupre, the call girl at the center of th...

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Paramount impersonator pleads guilty
Faces up to 20 years for wire fraud
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Groundswell taps Jonathan Fischer
Will serve as the indie film outlet's COO
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Charter's Paul Allen praises his team
Happy with president and CEO Neil Smit's performance
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Katzenberg: 3-D rollout is too slow
DreamWorks Animation CEO is 'not very happy'
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National Amusements to open new venue
Will be adjacent to the Patriots' Gillette Stadium
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In the MoneyTake Two
Despite a recession, will Hollywood be singing "We're in the Money?"
Elizabether GuiderVoiceover
Camouflaged news experts leave us feeling ambushed.
Defining fair use tricky in J.K. Rowling's case against "Lexicon."

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Phillipe DaumanSTREET TALK
Viacom and pals must learn that being on same page is first chapter in success story
The history of joint ventures in media and entertainment -- as in other fields -- is littered with failure. » More
Netflix still a player
Even after its stock was whacked for 24% on a single day, Netflix is still outperforming the companies that supply it with movies. » More
Brooks BoliekTHINK TANK
No place for bitterness
A visitor to the campaign headquarters of presidential candidate BROOKS BOLIEK may not be bitter -- but Boliek sure is. » More

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