Everything old is old again

Want to feel really old? It's been 26 years since the sound of "waka-waka-waka" first resounded in an arcade. Yes, 1980 was the year Midway licensed and installed the coin-op version of Namco's "Pac-Man" in the U.S. And 2006 is the year that "Pac-Man" has become one of the most popular downloads on Xbox Live Arcade and GameTap. More

Casual game biz serious about growth

It's got a business model that's drastically in need of repair, which may be one reason why the casual games audience is spreading like wildfire. Indeed, because the typical casual game comes with a "try before you buy" offer, fewer than 2% of those played are actually purchased. Conversely, that means that 98% of casual gamers are playing for free without a cent going to the games' developers or publishers. More

Vivendi's 'Scarface' built from ground up

After a full year of delay, Vivendi Games finally will ship "Scarface: The World Is Yours" on Oct. 3. David McKenna, the Hollywood screenwriter who has penned films like "Blow" and "American History X," has mixed feelings about Hollywood's dipping into the archives for games despite having written the script for this new interactive experience. More

'Eragon' games spread the novel's fantasy brand

What ingredients does a game publisher look for in order to create a blockbuster, triple-A title? Sometimes, as it turns out, exactly the same ingredients that can make a film company eager to greenlight a blockbuster $125-million movie. More

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