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Dennis Hopper dies at 74
Actor suffered from prostate cancer
'Sex' adds $13 million to its coffers
'Prince of Persia' debuts at No. 3
Simon Fuller group bids for 'Idol' owner
CKX valued at nearly $500 million
'Voltron' producer Peter Keefe dies
Credits included 'Widget,' 'The Mr. Bogus Show,' 'Twinkle'
Gary Coleman dies at 42
'Diff'rent Strokes' actor was on life support in Utah hospital
Wall Street debating ABC's fate
Analysts: Problem is finding a buyer for low-rated TV net
'Sex 2' takes $14.2 million on Thursday
Expected to top $60 million through Memorial Day
Universal Studios unveils rebuilt N.Y. backlot
13-city-block area rebuilt for $200 million after 2008 inferno

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hopper_dennis_90x90.jpgHollywood icon
GALLERY: Images from Dennis Hopper's life and career.
Hurt Locker'Locker' lawsuit
"Hurt Locker" producers suing those who allegedly pirated the film.
Gary ColemanGary Coleman dies
VIDEO: TV clips of the "Diff'rent Strokes" star.

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Gross Cume
Shrek Forever After 71.3
Iron Man 2 26.6 251.3
3. Robin Hood 18.7 66
4. Letters to Juliet 9.1 27.4
5. Just Wright 4.2 14.6
Weekend of May 21-23. Figures in $ mil.

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