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Film Review: The Reader

The lively, nonlinear structure imposed by screenwriter David Hare and tight, focused direction from Stephen Daldry make this an engaging period drama. But German postwar guilt is not the most winning subject matter for the holiday season.

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Film Review: Punisher: War Zone

Falling somewhere in terms of effectiveness between the supremely cheesy Dolph Lundgren starrer and the more ambitious 2004 version, this film is so unrelentingly violent that all but teen boys might as well stay home.

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TV Review: Front of the Class

"Hallmark Hall of Fame" productions are typically feel-good, life-affirming movies that put a dent in your supply of tissues. However, not all of them are rendered as perfectly as this show.

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Film Review: Cadillac Records

Writer-director Darnell Martin has assembled a stellar cast to impersonate these artists both as characters and musicians.

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Fascinating Film!
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