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A new ad campaign targets senators with the message that if you’re pro-choice, you also need to be anti-filibuster.
The airlines said federal law "supersedes" any state action, a blow to Republican Gov. Greg Abbott.
The late-night host rips the Texas senator over his phony rallying cry.
"This announcement will provide great relief to those waiting to see friends and loved ones," Sen. Maria Cantwell said.
Jamie Costa's portrayal of the late actor has gone viral.
Leon County has been ordered to pay up for violating the state's "vaccine passport" law, FL's Dept. of Health said.
The heavy metal legend joked that "being a devil worshipper" kept him safe through the pandemic.
Young Indigenous mother Bessie Walker went missing, then was found dead in California.
The lava took a new course and put homes in Los Llanos de Aridane on La Palma island in a probable path of destruction.
The Brooklyn Nets guard was suspended for vaccine refusal that would limit him to less than half of the games.
Wildlife officers first spotted the elk with the tire around its neck in July 2019 while conducting a population survey
“Fox is poisoning the minds of millions of Americans,” Washington Post columnist Max Boot wrote.

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