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hwg-news Membership List and Guild Newsletter

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What is the hwg-news Membership List?

hwg-news is the HTML Writers Guild's Membership List and Guild Newsletter. Postings are restricted to postings by the Governing Board.

hwg-news is the mandatory list to which all members must be subscribed.

hwg-news is:

  • the Guild's Membership List.
  • a source for news, information, and announcements about the Guild and your membership.
  • a low-volume, one-way list - posts will be very infrequent - typically twice a month.
  • restricted to Governing Board posts about Guild business and administrative announcements.

This list is archived.

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Am I subscribed to hwg-news?

If you join the Guild - you are automatically subscribed to this list.

Keep in mind that if you unsubscribe from hwg-news, you are no longer a member of the Guild.

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How to subscribe and become a Guild member

Read the Guild's Membership FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) to learn more about membership.

To become a member of the Guild and subscribe to hwg-news, you must go to the Guild's membership application page and complete the membership application form.

Please note that you may not become a member by sending a subscribe message to hwg-news. Your message will be bounced.

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How to unsubscribe and resign membership in the Guild

To resign your membership in the Guild and to unsubscribe to hwg-news, follow the directions on the Resign Membership Page.

Remember that this will resign your membership in the Guild. If you have participated as a member of one or more guild activities such as the Mentor/Apprentice program - please send a message to [email protected] so that we may be sure to remove your name and e-mail address from the available people.

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May I post to hwg-news?

No. The only messages that are sent out on hwg-news are posted by Governing Board members.

hwg-news is purely an administrative list to announce Guild services and other membership announcements. If you wish to post a message to Guild members, you must do so through the other Guild mailing lists.

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Other Guild mailing lists

You may follow this link to learn more about other Guild mailing lists. You may not subscribe to other Guild lists without first becoming a Guild member.

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Guild FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

The Guild maintains a number of FAQs providing answers to many of the most common questions that members have asked. Be sure to review these pages before sending mail to the hwg-news list owner.

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List Owner

If you have a subscription or administrative problem with the list, send e-mail to:

[email protected]

If you have problems with the mailing list, send e-mail to:

[email protected] in order to resolve problems with the mailing list.

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List Guides

Most of the Guild's public lists are monitored by the List Guides. They are there to keep the lists on topic, teach people about netiquette, and assist the members in a multitude of ways. They are also there to enforce the rules, as detailed in the netiquette guide. All members are expected to know and abide by the rules.

You may reach the Guides for each list by sending e-mail to the hwg-[list][email protected] address, where [list] is the list name without the hwg- before it and the -help after it.

If you wish to reach the List Guide Manager, send e-mail to: hwg-lgmanager@hwg.org.

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