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Hello and welcome to the HWG-SURVEY mailing list!

Latest news on the Survey can be found on the Survey homepage.

This list is to be used by HTML Writers Guild to discuss the development of this survey. We have decided to allow the membership to participate in this phase of the project. It's important that the membership understand what this committee is doing. With your insight and ideas we hope to improve this survey and get your feedback. Please read the outline of what is expected of any member who participants on this list. Thanks again for joining!!

The initial questions on our survey have been raised by HWG members in the past, and have been pulled from the archives so that they can be discussed prior to being added to the final survey. Your input at this point is extremely valuable.

Currently there are 28 questions with some of those questions having sub-questions, bringing the total # of questions up to 36. The 36 questions will be divided into 4 groups, with one group being discussed each week.

If you would like to see additional questions/issues added to the survey, now is the time to post it. All new suggestions should be addressed to this list with a subject line of ADDITION TO SURVEY so that we will be able to separate and read these posts as quickly as possible, and add them to the last group of questions to be discussed.

It is hoped that each group of questions will be finished with in the weeks time, and not returned to in subsequent weeks as this will cut into the time we have to discuss the rest of the questions.

The Guild offers a number of other lists that cover other, specific topics. For more information please see the Mail List home page.

Subscribers of the HWG-Survey mailing list are expected to follow basic rules of netiquette in a civilized manner; please read over the guidelines.

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