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Hello and welcome to the HWG-VOLUNTEERS mailing list!

This list is to be used by HTML Writers Guild to announce new "job" positions that the Guild would like to have done, or requests for new resources we'd like donated. We expect that those who wish to donate time or resources to the Guild will subscribe to the list as a means to be notified of these openings and/or needs.

This is a closed moderated list. Only the HTML Writers Guild Volunteer Coordinators are allowed to post to this list. They may choose to approve posts from other persons within the Guild, or they may not - at their discretion.

The Guild offers a number of other lists that cover other, specific topics. For more information please see the Mail List home page.

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We request that you fill out the Volunteer Application form before subscribing to this list in order to provide the Volunteer Coordinators basic information about your skill sets and interests. To subscribe to the list, please send email to:

In the body of the message write:

subscribe hwg-volunteers

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How to Unsubscribe

The proper way to unsubscribe from the list is to send email to:

In the body of the message type:

unsubscribe hwg-volunteers
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List Owner

If you have a subscription or administrative problem with the list, send email to:

If you have other problems with the mailing list, send email to:
in order to resolve non-administrative problems with the mailing list.

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