Category: Branded Content

Agency: ZenithOptimedia
Campaign: Tooheys Extra Dry - Six Beers of Separation
Client: Lion Nathan

ZenithOptimedia challenged its target audience of 18-24 year old males to prove the theory of ‘6 Beers of Separation’. Born from the notion that everyone in the world is connected by six degrees, could you meet the person on the planet who inspires you the most, in six steps or less, simply by meeting different people over a beer? Four people were given the opportunity to go on this journey, armed with a six pack, travel money, a camera crew, and 18 days to prove it. The campaign ran for nine months with 20 per cent of overall media budget allocated to digital. ZenithOptimedia created a mobile site and episode content was featured across iTunes, social media sites such as Facebook and YouTube as well as Foxtel television. Traversing 150,000km over three Continents, the campaign proved a huge success. Video content has been viewed 700,000 times and there have been 630,000 unique visits to all digital destinations, 21,398 downloads from iTunes and yes, four people did get to meet their idol.

Brand Awareness and Positioning

Agency: Mediacom
Campaign: Alienware Clan Challenge
Client: Dell|

In order to know more about Australian gamers, Dell and Mediacom conducted their own research, with results inspiring this engaging campaign. The research uncovered the influence of gaming “clans” - groups of players who work together as a team to complete a game or objective. Understanding the clans’ need for powerful servers, Mediacom established free gaming servers for the most popular online games using high spec Intel Dual-core machines. Mediacom also created the Alienware Clan Challenge – the biggest Call of Duty tournament in Australian history. Dell provided a prize pool valued at $30,000 for the winning clan, including five Alienware Aurora desktop machines. Throughout the campaign, the gaming servers were used by 2,432 players, while 387 players in 60 teams entered the online tournament. The live final was covered by mainstream and gaming publications and a Mediacom-compiled short film based on the day’s event was the most watched gaming film on YouTube Australia.

Direct Response and Lead Generation

Campaign: Take the Wheel
Client: Nissan Australia

Faced with a challenging economic market which was experiencing a 22 per cent downturn in car sales per year, Nissan had ambitious objectives for the launch of the 370Z. WHYBIN/TBWA/TEQUILA’s creative approach used direct marketing to point customers towards a microsite where they could enjoy a bigger, more engaging interaction with the car. Using Augmented Reality technology, users could “take the wheel for real” and experience every angle of the car online. The response was huge, with strategically placed banners and new content loaded daily, the site experienced 7,497 views on the microsite in the first week alone. Overall, it achieved a 73.24 per cent click through rate, smashing industry standards.

Product Launch

Agency: Soap Creative
Campaign: LYNX Party Across the Internet
Client: Unilever Australia

Soap Creative’s campaign for the launch of Lynx Superfresh caught the eye of the judges for being a great mix of media and creativity. To engage the elusive young male market, Soap crafted a mind bending online experience that blurred the lines between advertising, social media, entertainment and interactivity. Once consumers arrived at the destination site, they were taken on an unexpected journey across some of the coolest sites on the web, and given the opportunity to partake in games such as a pillow fight with a “wild girl” before landing at the Lynx Facebook page. Approximately 100,000 people took part in the Party Across the Internet Experience and the campaign generated 68,000 new fans for Lynx on Facebook.

Brand Loyalty and Retention

Agency: Publicis Mojo and Virgin Mobile
Campaign: Member’s Lounge
Client: Virgin Mobile

Bringing to life the “Retention is the new Acquisition” motto, Publicis Mojo and Virgin Mobile created a destination mobile site to engage and reward existing customers. The Member’s Lounge site captured the vitality of the Virgin brand, loading it with inspirational lifestyle cues for an experience-seeking urban audience. With initiatives such as Free Beer Fridays - giving customer free beer just for being a member - the site proved extremely popular. Well over a quarter of the entire Virgin Mobile customer base has visited the site since its launch in September 2009 and monthly visits has been well above target, averaging 85,000 unique visits, while repeat visits sits at 25 per cent per month.

Brand Destination Site

Agency: Publicis Mojo Melbourne
Campaign: The Adventures of Freddo
Client: Cadbury

With an 80 year history of branding in Australia, Cadbury and Freddo needed to connect with the younger generation. Publicis Mojo Melbourne created an interactive narrative adventure with activities and games where families could explore and engage with the brand. Daily three minute episodes were uploaded, triggering content-related games, puzzles and activities. At the end of each episode, children were encouraged to switch off and go outside, with printable activities to keep them thinking, creating and staying active. The site successfully targeted children and parents with 60,000 Australian families registering to be part of the adventure. Over the course of the campaign, 500,000 episodes were viewed and 15 million minutes were spent in Freddo’s online world - that’s an astounding average of 20 minutes spent per visit to the site.

Cross-Platform Integration

Agency: Publicis Mojo Melbourne
Campaign: The Art of Walking
Client: Tourism Victoria

Publicis Mojo Melbourne’s campaign for Tourism Victoria not only succeeded in the judges eyes, it has been dubbed the most successful Tourism Victoria competition ever. The centerpiece of the campaign was a 48-minute feature-length documentary. Users were given the chance to watch The Art of Walking in bite-size pieces, as well as discovering exclusive web videos, photos and diary entries, all mapped using Google. An online content aggregation plan added exponential visibility and distribution, with over 220 pieces of content uploaded to YouTube, Flickr, and GoogleMaps. Results include the competition element of the campaign generating over 15,500 unique entries, the Art of Walking documentary being distributed to 400,000 readers by Fairfax, and the National Geographic Channel is broadcasting the film in 16 countries in 2010.

Search Marketing

Agency: Experian Hitwise
Campaign: SCTI Online Offline Integration
Client: Southern Cross Travel Insurance

Experian Hitwise undertook fundamental research of search marketing habits before developing this highly integrated television commercial and pay-per-click (PPC) campaign for Southern Cross Travel Insurance (SCTI). Experian’s integrated view of the total campaign was able to demonstrate an improved return on investment from increasing the keyword bidding costs and ad positioning during the period supported by the television campaign. To maximise results, the PPC campaign schedule was staggered after the television commercial aired when online traffic and search was at its highest. Experian Hitwise’s understanding of search marketing helped this campaign generate a 53 per cent growth in market share for SCTI and a 200 per cent return on interest.

Social Media Marketing

Agency: Leo Burnett
Campaign: Canon EOS Photochains
Client: Canon

The IAB Awards judges were most impressed by the fluidity of this Leo Burnett campaign with one judge commenting, “This campaign tapped into a known behaviour to establish a community and at the heart of that is their own product”. To promote Canon’s range of DSLR cameras, Leo Burnett created the concept of Canon EOS Photochains, an online photography community where photographers can provide inspiration to each other. To create a Photochain a photographer simply takes a photo, and selects a detail in it. Another photographer then takes that detail and uses it as the inspiration for a new photo. Photochains effectively became its own social media platform, with people making connections by joining chains. Throughout the campaign 18,709 images were uploaded, while photochains images have been viewed 1,995,896 times and 19,271 people signed up as members of the Canon EOS website.

Rich Media and Digital Video

Agency: Soap Creative
Campaign: LYNX Party Across the Internet
Client: Unilever Australia

Rich media and digital video is a strong element of Soap creative’s Lynx Superfresh campaign for Unilever Australia. Soap focused on bringing the Lynx television commercial to life online and submerging the user in this video content. As well as creating interactive experiences on the Party Across the Internet site, users were offered the Party Pic Fixer - a branded Facebook Application that collects party photos from the consumer’s Facebook gallery and creates a slick video clip similar to the TVC. It then shares this clip with all of the friends featured in the video, giving the campaign another viral element. The Facebook Party Pic Fixer application is currently sitting at 4,000 monthly active users and growing exponentially.

Not for Profit / Public Service

Agency: FNUKY
Campaign: Censordyne
Client: GetUp!

FNUKY was set the challenge of broadcasting political activism group GetUp!’s, protests about the looming internet filtering plans to the Australian public. The idea was to turn internet filtering into a household product. FNUKY created Censordyne cream that provides “unproven, ineffective relief from Internet nasties” and rolled out a coordinated mock product launch online. The bold approach was executed on three fronts: Social media participation, online direct response and digital activities for PR to drive mass public awareness. The campaign was a runaway success, breaking original campaign objectives in the first 24 hours. In the first week alone FNUKY had reached an estimated 1.2 million Australians through free media impressions, achieved 190,000 unique browsers on the campaign websites, received more than 102,000 names on its petition, and raised $50,000 in donations.

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