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What is the European Astronomical Society (EAS) ?

  • Purpose of the Society
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  • Secretariat
  • Affiliated Societies
  • How to become a member (and how to pay your fees...)
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  • The EAS Newsletter              Issue 16  has appeared !  (Oct. 1998)

    EAS  messages  over the past year

    EAS meetings           The 1999 JENAM Meeting :     First information!

    Observing facilities for European Astronomers

    A forum for young (that is, all...) European Astronomers

    Other astronomical information

  • Astrophysical articles and preprints services
  • Some Astronomical Meetings in the World...
  • List of astronomical Institutions
  • Lists of professional Astronomers
  • The International Astronomical Union (IAU)
  • Some National or European governing bodies in astronomy
  • European Organisations
  • Meteo services in Europe

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