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The Cosmology Prize and Fellowships of the Peter Gruber Foundation

With the aim to promote the science of cosmology and other branches of astronomy, the Peter Gruber Foundation (PGF) has created the Cosmology Prize and Fellowships referred to below.

The IAU Executive Committee recognizes this contribution to our science and shares the desire of the PGF to give these distinctions the highest possible scientific standing and international character. Accordingly, at its 73rd meeting in Manchester, UK, in August 2000, the IAU Executive Committee decided to collaborate with the PGF in the nomination of candidates and the selection of recipients, effective as of January 1, 2001.

The procedures applying to the Prize and Fellowships are as follows:

The Cosmology Prize

The Cosmology Prize of the Peter Gruber Foundation is awarded annually to scientists of any nationality working in the fields of astronomy, physics, mathematics, and philosophy of science for scientific advances in our understanding of the Universe and how we perceive it. The Prize recipients are selected by an International Advisory Board of seven members nominated by the IAU and the other international scientific unions in fields relevant to cosmology. The Prize consists of a medal and a cash sum of 150,000 USD. For the year 2000, two prizes of $150,000 each were awarded to Allan Sandage and James Peebles.

Nominations for the Cosmology Prize for 2001 may be submitted by individuals, organizations and institutions (comprising individual IAU members and astronomical institutions). For information on the required procedures and for the nomination forms to be used, please refer to the web page of the Peter Gruber Foundation. Nominations are to be sent to the mailing address of the Foundation (Peter Gruber Foundation Awards, PO Box 15792, Philadelphia, PA 19103, USA; Tel: (215) 765 4525; Fax: (215) 765 2721) with the information and attachments specified in the instructions from the PGF. In order to be considered for the year 2001, nominations must arrive

no later than 31 May, 2001.

The Peter Gruber Foundation Fellowships

With funding from the PGF, two fellowships will be available to be awarded during the year 2001, and again at three-year intervals beginning in 2003. Each fellowship amounts to USD 37,500 and will be given as a stipend covering travel, subsistence and research expenses during a postdoctoral appointment for a period which is typically of one year duration but may be extended to two years. The Fellowships will be given to extremely promising, young astrophysicists working in any field of astrophysics - either theoretical, observational or experimental. There are no limitations on nationality, but preference will be given to applicants from countries in difficult economic conditions.

The host institution of the postdoctoral appointment shall be a center of excellence in the applicant's field of research, located in a country different from that of the applicant's current country of residence. The host institution must agree to administer the stipend and to offer the basic facilities such that the PGF stipend is not used as a replacement for those. The stipend is primarily intended to cover living and research expenses, but upon agreement between the host institution and the IAU, part of it can also be used for salary.

Applications for PGF Fellowships to be awarded in 2001 are hereby invited. They must contain

  1. a research plan for the period during which the stipend will be used, and a draft budget for the use of the money;
  2. a CV with a list of publications;
  3. letters of support from 2-4 people who know the applicant's work; and
  4. a letter of acceptance from the host institution.

These documents should be submitted to the IAU Secretariat with a strict deadline for receipt on:

30 April, 2001.

Applications will be reviewed by an international Selection Committee appointed by the IAU Executive Committee. Applicants will be notified about the outcome before 31 May, 2001, and the first PGF fellows and host institutions will be announced via this web page shortly thereafter.

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