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The UNESCO/ICSU World Conference on Science, June 26 - July 1, 1999

This major conference In Budapest, Hungary, was convened jointly by UNESCO and ICSU to review status of world science at the end of the second millennium, and to formulate recommendations for the future. The recommendations as agreed by the participants in the meeting were expressed in the Budapest Declaration on Science and the Use of Scientific Knowledge and the Science Agenda - Framework for Action, accessible through the links provided here.

It is to be noted that, subsequently, the 26th General Assembly of ICSU (September 28-29, 1999; in Cairo, Egypt) expressed concerns regarding the formulation of paragraph 26 of the "Declaration" and stressed that "empirical knowledge must be distinguished from approaches that seek to promote anti-science and pseudo-science, and which degrade the values of science as understood by the ICSU community." ICSU, at the same time, reaffirmed its support for "the values and methods of verifiable science".

The Third United Nations Conference on the Exploration and Peaceful Uses of Outer Space

(UNISPACE III), July 19 - 30, 1999

17 years after its predecessor UNISPACE 82, the conference was convened at the Vienna International Centre, Austria, by the UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (UN-COPUOS). Its purpose was to review the status of international activities in space, and to formulate priorities and recommendations for the development of these activities during the first decades of the new millennium. Organised by the UN Office of Outer Space Affairs, the conference was attended by over 100 UN Member States and numerous international organizations, including the IAU which has permanent observer status with UN-COPUOS.

In conjunction with UNISPACE III, the IAU in collaboration with COSPAR and the UN Office of Outer Space Affairs organised two meetings on subjects which are given high priority by the IAU: The IAU/COSPAR/UN Special Environmental Symposium: "Preserving the Astronomical Sky" (IAU Symposium 196), and an IAU/COSPAR/UN Special Workshop on Education in Astronomy and Basic Space Science. As part of the "Technical Forum" of INISPACE III, both meetings formulated "Observations and Recommendations" to the main Conference within their respective subjects. These recommendations were forwarded to the Conference and to a very large extent included in the Final Report of UNISPACE III and associated recommendations to the UN General Assembly. The General Assembly will discuss these recommendations in November/December 1999.

The final documents of UNISPACE III: The Vienna Declaration on Space and Human Development and the Background and Recommendations of the Conference, as well as all background documents, including the recommendations of all meetings held as part of the "Technical Forum", are now available from the web site of the UN Office of Outer Space Affairs, eventually in all six official languages of the UN.

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