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IAU Publications

IAU Publications comprise primarily the Information Bulletin and the Proceedings of the IAU General Assemblies and other scientific meetings sponsored by the IAU. The series of IAU Symposia, the IAU Transactions (Vol. A and B), and the Highlights of Astronomy are published by the IAU Publisher (see details below). IAU members can buy these books from the publisher at considerably reduced prices by referring to their membership (give name and address as listed in the IAU Membership Directory). Proceedings of IAU Colloquia as decided by the Scientific Organising Committee of each meeting; they are sold through the normal distribution channels for scientific books.

Updated information on the preparation of IAU publications and the submission of contributions to such volumes is maintained at the IAU Publisher's web site on the page Invitation to Publish.

Instructions and style files for the preparation of contributions can be viewed and downloaded here, both for the Symposia and Highlights of Astronomy and for the Transactions (both Vol. A and B).

The Copyright to all IAU publications belongs to the IAU. All contributors to volumes published in the IAU series (Symposia, Highlights of Astronomy, Transactions A and B) must therefore fill out and sign a Consent to Publish & Transfer of Copyright form and submit it to the Editor of the volume in which their contribution will appear. This form is provided here; paper copies are also available from the IAU Secretariat or the IAU Publisher (address at the bottom of this page).

Lists and other information on these publications are accessible below as follows:

The IAU Information Bulletin:

IAU General Assemblies:

IAU Transactions Vol. B contain complete alphabetical lists of the IAU members, with full address information. These lists are reprinted from the full volumes and available separately (reference to the printed version here). An updated On-Line Membership Directory is maintained at this Web site.

Proceedings of Other IAU Meetings:

We wish to maintain a complete collection of books published under the auspices of the IAU at the Secretariat. This has been achieved for all books in the regular series, except for the Colloquia. A List of Missing Colloquium Proceedings has been prepared; we are grateful to any readers who might be able and willing to donate older volumes and thus help to complete our collection.

Other IAU Publications:

In addition to the regular series mentioned above, special publications appear from time to time as circumstances arise. Morever, a number of the scientific bodies of the IAU issue publications on a more regular basis. These are listed below.

IAU Publisher:

Effective as of 1998, the Proceedings of IAU General Assemblies and the IAU Symposium Series are published by the IAU Publisher:

Astronomical Society of the Pacific

Sales & Distribution                                  Editor's Office
390 Ashton Avenue 206 KMB, Brigham Young University
San Francisco, CA 94112, USA Provo, UT 84602-4463, USA
Tel: +1 415 337 2624 Tel: +1 801 378 2298
Fax: +1 415 337 5205 Fax: +1 801 378 2265
Email: catalog@aspsky.org Email: pasp@astro.byu.edu

Orders for IAU publications should be adddressed to the Sales & Distribution Office

The Proceedings of IAU Symposia and General Assemblies through the year 1997 are published by the previous IAU Publisher, from whom these volumes can be ordered:

Kluwer Academic Publishers
P.O. Box 117
NL 3300 AA Dordrecht
The Netherlands

Read also IAU Recommendations for Abbreviations in Publications.

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