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Note for IAU IB. 81

NB! IMPORTANT: Through an unfortunate misunderstanding, the Resolution ap proved by the General Assembly under the designation B3 was omitted in the printed version of IB 81 (p. 31), and the resolutions originally designated B4-B7 were renumbered B3-B6. As the original Resolution B3 has already been referred to externally at several occasions, it will be printed under that designation in the Proceedings of the General Assembly in IAU Transactions Vol. XXIIIB, and the following resolutions will also be printed with their original numbers. Resolution B3 and a note on the correction will appear in IB 82. However, in order to establish the correct sequence as soon as possible and minimize confusion, Resolution B3 has been inserted in the on-line version of IB 81 accessible here. We apologise to all concerned for this inconvenience.

E-mail address of the President of Commission 12 (p. 15)

Name and address of the Vice-President of Commission 47 (p. 21)

Editors of the Proceedings of Symposium 170 (p. 43; is correct on the "Publications" Web page)

Date and place of the meeting "Protostars and Planets" (p. 49)

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