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Resolutions at IAU General Assemblies

Decisions and recommendations of the IAU are expressed in its Resolutions. Resolutions are voted and adopted by the General Assembly in matters of importance for all of astronomy or for the IAU as a whole. Resolutions concerning well-defined areas of astronomy may be the subject of Resolutions voted and adopted by Divisions or Commissions and have force within those bodies only. The procedures for proposing and considering Resolutions are further described in the Working Rules.

Types of Resolutions:

Resolutions of the IAU fall in one of the following three categories:

IAU Resolutions should be prepared on the appropriate forms. These can be obtained from the Secretariat or downloaded from here. The Resolution Forms appropriate for various types of Resolution proposed for the XXVth General Assembly, with their deadlines for submission to the General Secretary, can be found below.

Resolutions of Type A and B With Implications for the Budget of the IAU:

Resolutions of Type A and B Without Implications for the Budget of the IAU:

Resolutions of Type C:

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