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Commission 12 - Solar Radiation & Structure


Solar Events at the IAU General Assembly in Manchester, U.K.:

Two important solar events will be held at the next IAU General Assembly, in Manchester U.K., in August 2000, under the auspices of Division II (Sun and Heliosphere). The first is the IAU Symposium 203 on Recent Insights in to the Physics of the Sun and Heliosphere - Highlights from SOHO and Other Space Missions", to be held Aug 7th - 11th. The co-convenors are B. Fleck of ESA, and J. Gurman of GSFC. Further information on this event can be obtained from Dr. Fleck (bfleck@esa.nascom.nasa.gov).

The second is the Joint Discussion 7 on "The Sun and Space Weather", to be held on August 11-12. the chair of the SOC is Prof. G. Ai (aigx@sun10.bao.ac.cn).

A third interesting event, co-sponsored by Div II, and having substantial solar content, is the Joint Discussion 6 on "Applied Historical Astronomy" organized by S. Dick of the Naval Observatory, and scheduled for August 11th.


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