The XXIVth IAU General Assembly, August 2000

The XXIVth General Assembly of the IAU will be held at the University of Manchester, Manchester, UK, during the period August 7-19, 2000. We urge IAU members and other prospective participants to reserve these dates in their plans for the year 2000.

GA XXIV will again feature a rich scientific programme of Invited Discourses, Symposia, Joint Discussions, and possibly other scientific events. The deadline for proposing scientific meetings to be held at GA XXIV is:

March 15, 1999

Proposals for Symposia should be submitted on the appropriate IAU GA Symposium Proposal Forms according to the procedures outlined in the Rules for IAU Scientific Meetings. In brief, such proposals and attached letters of support from Commission Presidents should be forwarded to the President of the appropriate Division, who will forward them to the Assistant General Secretary with the comments of the Division. This procedure should be completed by the above deadline.

Proposals for Joint Discussions should be submitted on the JD Proposal Forms to the appropriate Division Presidents, who should in turn forward them to the General Secretary by the above date. The proposal form is also available from the IAU Secretariat.

Proposals for Invited Discourses should be submitted by the appropriate Division Presidents to the General Secretary by the deadline for Agenda Items for the 72nd Executive Committe meeting, i.e. May 1, 1999.

Proposals for Resolutions to be considered by the General Assembly should be submitted well in advance. The applicable procedures for proposing, screening, and adopting IAU Resolutions are described in the Working Rules, and Resolution Proposal Forms and Deadlines are available here.

Much more information on GA XXIV will be given in Information Bulletin No. 84 (June 1999). When a separate Web site has been established for GA XXIV, a link will be provided from this page. Meanwhile, inquiries can always be directed to the IAU Secretariat.


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