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French for foreign Students
(Français pour étudiants étrangers)

The IULCF, created on October 1996, is part of the Faculty of Languages at the Toulouse Catholic Institute which was founded in 1877. Its aim is to allow anyone from the age of 16, whatever their nationality, religious or political convictions, to learn French and the different aspects of French culture.

The IULCF is a member of the group which means that is part of a group of schools which teach French as a foreign language and which are of exceptional quality. The IULCF also is acknoledged and listed by the French Foreign Affaires Office.

Its premises are located in buildings that were built during several centuries from XIV to XIX. These buildings form a remarkable archeological and architectural site and were totally renovated from 1995 to 1998. First occupied by nuns (Clarisses), the buildings were later transformed into smelting works in order to manufacture canons during the Napoleonic era and that is where the name of the street comes from.

The Catholic Institute of toulouse is a university establishment which accomodates four faculties, six professional schools (the College of qualified engineers, School of journalism, etc), five teachers training centres, seven research organisations and religious science centers.
In total, 6000 students coming from every geographical and religious horizon belong to the Catholic Institute. In this way, the IULCF students are in constant contact with French students.

The restaurant which is located at the Catholic Institute is open for you for breakfast; lunch and dinner. It closes in July and August). It has a very good reputation for the quality of the food. Prices: more or less 5 € for a meal.

The I.U.L.C.F. is situated in the centre of Toulouse. Lien externe

Créé le 7 octobre 1996 au sein de la Faculté Libre des Lettres de l’Institut Catholique de Toulouse (lui-même fondé en 1877), l’I.U.L.C.F. a pour objectif de permettre à tous, dès l’âge de 16 ans, quelles que soient les nationalités, les convictions religieuses ou politiques, d’apprendre le français et les différents aspects de la culture française.

L’I.U.L.C.F. est membre de, groupement d’écoles de français langue étrangère qui répondent à une charte de qualité très stricte. L'I.U.L.C.F. fait également partie des instituts reconnus et répertoriés par le Ministère des Affaires Étrangères français. Lien externe

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French for foreign Students (Français pour étudiants étrangers)

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