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Kiwis choose their favourite innovators

A cloud POS system, a social network for film lovers and a fencing tool to help accurately hang gates: these are a few of your favourite things and their creators took home the People's Choice awards at this year's New Zealand Innovators Awards, announced last week.

Vaughan Rowsell took home the award for his cloud POS Vend as the most innovative organisation (which was featured on the cover of Idealog #30). Vend has been working to change the face of retail POS for the past couple of years and came about because Rowsell loved retail but hated the POS software retailers had to use. The first customer was a bicycle store called Velo but Vend has now grown to be much bigger than ever expected and most of its business is being done overseas.

The People's Choice award for best product went to Letterboxd, a social network for film lovers, brainchild of Matthew Buchanan. The network allows users to use it as a diary to record their opinion about films as they watch them, or just to keep track of films they’ve seen in the past. (Read more here.)

The most innovative individual of the year, according to People's Choice voters, was Patrick Roskam, the 12-year -ld Matamata inventor responsible for the Gudgeon Pro 4 in 1, a fencing tool that can quickly and accurately hang gates. Roskam created the product for the Matamata Intermediate Science Fair and has since gained nationwide recognition for his invention. He was also Highly Commended for Most Inspiring Individual at the Innovators Awards. Wohoo!

A list of all the People's Choice finalists can be found here.

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