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Starting points for GIS / Cartography

This page is situated at Department of Surveying and Mapping, The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), and can be used as startpoint to find various sites related to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Cartography.

Running systems

Southern California Traffic Report
Updated information dealing with the traffic situation in California. Maps and charts.

Global Access to Geographic Information via the WWW
At this site you can edit maps and look at them on your www-program.

NAISMap - the first interactive WWW GIS
Construct your own map of Canada.

The online guide to geographic information about East St. Louis
Various GIS operation in a certain area.


Geographic Resources Analysis Support System. Public domain GIS developed by U.S. Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratory.

Introduction to ARC-INFO. Developed by ESRI, California.

Educational pages

Notes and Study Materials for GIS and the Geographer's Craft
Introduction and advanced material on several subjects in the areas of Cartography and Geographic Information Systems.

Making Maps Easy to Read
Research on cartographic communication.

Archives for Maps and Geographic Information

Local GIS-info

Among other things: some information on where to find public domain GIS on internet. You can also find some public domain GIS stuff at the ftp server,NTNU.

Other GIS/Cartography sites