About ILMB

ILMB's mandate is to provide British Columbians with access to integrated Crown land and resource authorizations, planning dispositions and resource information services. Many of these services are provided to, or on behalf of provincial natural resource and economy ministries.

Our Vision: World-leading natural resource service delivery that exceeds expectations and provides business certainty for our clients.

Our Mission: Deliver leading edge, timely, client-friendly and responsive integrated natural resource information and services that support a vibrant B.C. economy, healthy communities and a sustainable environment.


  • professionalism and courtesy
  • innovative and creative – challenge the status quo
  • accountability and transparency
  • responsibility and reliability
  • timely service delivery
  • demonstrated excellence in communication, facilitation and mediation

ILMB's main shared-services clients include:


What do we do?

ILMB is responsible for integrating, managing and delivering a range of critical services to the province's private, corporate and public citizens. Below is a brief description of these services. For more information, please see our 2008/09 to 2010/11 Service Plan at http://www.bcbudget.gov.bc.ca/2007/sp/al/.

Regional Client Services

  • FrontCounter BC - nine locations throughout the province - delivers a wide range of natural resource access and use permits on behalf of our client agencies. This one window approach to application referrals, adjudication, and other Crown land and resource services won the Premier's Award for Cross Government Integration in 2005/06!
  • Adjudicates Crown land tenures, Crown land partnership and sales, and planning at the strategic level to promote sustainable use of Crown land and resources.


  • Integrates, manages and delivers provincial land and resource information on behalf of our client agencies to public, corporate and private citizens.

Species-at-Risk Coordination Office

  • Makes recommendations to government on species at risk initiatives and coordinates recovery planning for three broad-ranging species: Marbled Murrelet, Mountain Caribou, and Spotted Owl.

Business Innovation Office

  • Supports ILMB's project planning through a centralized project management function and provides corporate guidance on the achievement of ILMB's strategic goals.

Who is our Minister?

Pat Bell, Minister of Agriculture and Lands, has ministerial accountability for delivering ILMB's mandate and for ensuring that British Columbians receive maximum value for Crown resources within the government's social and environmental frameworks.

How do we operate?

For ILMB to operate effectively, we must collaborate and share information with our client agencies in a variety of formal and informal ways. The committee structure that supports our work is vital to our success:

  • Integrated Land Management Bureau Board of Directors oversees ILMB's key accountabilities and deliverables and makes recommendations with respect to corporate priorities.
  • Assistant Deputy Ministers' Committee for Integrated Land Management oversees the effective provision of services from ILMB to its client agencies.
  • 3 Inter-Agency Management Committees (Coast: in Nanaimo; Southern Interior: in Kamloops; Northern Interior: in Prince George) coordinate the delivery of cross-government initiatives at the regional level.