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Due to ILMB's broad scope, our website contains a large volume of information. ILMB has a number of features that will help you make the most of this information resource.

Resources on the ILMB Website

ILMB Advanced Search

To help you find what you are looking for on the ILMB website, we have created an ILMB Advanced Search page that can be accessed by clicking the Advanced Search link at the top of most pages. Use this tool to refine your search, letting you get to the information you need faster. You can access the advanced search page here.

FrontCounter BC

FrontCounter BC gives natural resource-based businesses single-window access to information and help needed to start or expand operations by providing complete information across the provincial natural resource sector. FrontCounter BC accepts applications and fees for up to 100 permits, licenses, tenures and related authorizations on behalf of partner agencies. Staff do not lobby to have projects approved, but liaise between clients and host ministries and agencies, advocating for timely decisions and responses. You can access the FrontCounter BC website here.

The Natural Resource Information Centre

The Natural Resource Information Centre (NRIC) is a window into provincial natural resource data sources provided by various ministries and agencies. The NRIC website ( is an index page with links to many natural resource based applications, maps and information sources.

The Land and Resource Data Warehouse

The Land and Resource Data Warehouse (LRDW) is the corporate repository for integrated land, resource and geographic data which supports a variety of business requirements for the natural resource sector, other government agencies, industry and the public. You can access the LRDW here.

Crown Land Administration Division

The Crown Land Administration Division (CLAD) is responsible for the development of a strategic and operational Crown land-use and allocation policy framework for the Province. While responsibility for the management and allocation of provincial resources is shared among several provincial ministries, the Division will strengthen the level of integration between the policies that guide each of these agencies. You can access the CLAD website here.

ILMB Strategic Land and Resource Planning

The Integrated Land Management Bureau (ILMB) is responsible for developing new plans for the management of Crown land and natural resources as well as maintenance of B.C.'s existing land use planning legacy. You can access the Land Use Planning website here.

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