Integrated Land and Resource Registry


Welcome to the ILRR Home Page

What is the ILRR?

  • The ILRR is the place to go for a complete first-cut view of BC Crown Land status.

What is the difference between ILRR and BCOnline?

  • ILRR will tell you what you want to know about public land;
  • BCOnline will tell you what you want to know about private land.


  • Is a source of reliable information for over 260 legal interests on Crown Land;
  • Provides visually represented information on a map that is available using a standard web browser; and,
  • Is available to the public with a BCeID.

The ILRR contains information on:

  • Crown land parcels ( e.g. tenures, regulated uses, land use restrictions, reservations);
  • Private land parcels (where available);
  • Administrative boundaries ( e.g. forest districts, electoral boundaries); and,
  • Base map information ( e.g. topography, grids).
The ILRR provides a single source of reliable information on Crown Land legal interests.


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