The high-profile yoga guru Baba Ramdev has said that soft drinks should be treated as toilet cleaners. They have given the advice so many times earlier and gave it again to drink only fruit juice and milk to be disease-free.

He has advised people to take hot water, milk or traditional Indian juice only. He said that

practicising yoga everyday in the early morning is helpful to have a healthy body. Cold drinks have no place in our society, they are basically toilet cleaners. You must get over this Western fast food and cold drinks culture.

has said with a great stress that the

regular yoga practice has the potential of producing positive results even in AIDS and cancer. He has appealed to the people of India that to make yoga a household treatment to fight diseases of any kind. He said to the people for not becoming a patient of allopathic treatment.

you are killing yourself by becoming an addict of allopathic medicines. Just stick to yoga for a healthy and long life.

He was saying this during a 3-hour session in Raipur.

Earlier, many states have been banned soft drinks. It has happened after the claims made by the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) that colas, sold in India, have excessive pesticide content.

Later, the Union health minister has advised Baba Ramdev to nat make false claims to cure the diseases like AIDS and cancer by yoga.