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Welcome to IngeniHosting

Hosting your Plone sites.

IngeniHosting is high-level platform for hosting your Zope and Plone websites. IngeniHosting is the only dedicated platform for Plone website on the internet. You can control everything you need, through the web : your plone site, your zope instance, your products, your web statistics, your email accounts, your webmail, your zexp import/export, your zope log files, etc.



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IngeniHosting is a hosting service making use of the Open Source technologies Zope and Plone.

IngeniHosting is not a "customized version of Plone". IngeniHosting is not a software product.

This service is in no way linked to Plone, its authors or right holders, etc. IngeniHosting is a Hosting Service that only charges for the service of hosting and not for the technology used. If you want to host your own Plone site or server, you can freely download these products from