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We're based in San Francisco and are currently looking for folks to join our team. Interested?

iPhone Software Engineer

Job Summary

We're looking for an iPhone engineer to join our team to help build the future of mobile photography. You'll be responsible for building features from the ground up. You'll have the ability to manage like a product manager, and the technical skills of an engineer. We're located in San Francisco, CA, & candidates must be willing to relocate.


We don't care about your degree, your GPA, or where (if?) you went to school. We're only interested in seeing what you can do. You absolutely must have been a significant part of building and shipping at least one app to the App Store. You should be able to talk us through the design decisions you've made, any technical challenges you faced, and point to the biggest technical accomplishments you've had to date.

We're looking for someone who thinks Interface Builder is for wimps, loves the idea of designing custom controls from scratch, and can pull off just about any insurmountable task thrown at them. If you want to solve big problems in interesting ways this is the place for you.

Extra Bonus

Along with your resume, send us a single drawRect function for a single 400x400 UIView that does something magical.

Visual & Experience Designer

What you'd do

Instagram is all about creating a fast, beautiful experience for sharing photos. Your job will be to create & drive our visual identity; from the iPhone app to our Web presence & beyond.

What you'd need

Be able to communicate ideas via sketches rapidly and effectively. Transform ideas into polished and stunning visual mocks that'd make anyone on jealous. Experience designing iPhone apps is a plus, but not required. Bottom line: show us the goods. Full-time (only in SF) or consulting gigs are both an option, please be clear on preference.

Extra Bonus

Send us a single PSD file with your best rendering of a straight-on view of a Leica camera lens.

How to apply

Email in your resume, any portfolio of work you have, and any optional bonus task to