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Our Priorities: 2010-2011


Greater economic opportunity for Canada, with a focus on growing/emerging markets

Priority Commitments: Contribute to economic recovery and opportunity by implementing Global Commerce Strategy to boost Canadian commercial engagement in the world with focus on China, India and Brazil; showcasing Canada's advantage as an investment site; expanding global R&D partnerships with a view to commercializing innovation; highlighting Canada as a place of study; promoting Canada's gateway and corridor infrastructure. Advance trade and investment liberalization and market access interests, bilaterally and in the Doha Round. Develop Canada-EU economic partnership. Conclude and implement free trade agreements with new strategic partners. Focus on air service arrangements; foreign investment promotion and protection negotiations.

United States and the Americas

Priority Commitments: Build on comprehensive strategy for relations with US, including competitiveness, global economy, trade relations, peace and security, Afghanistan, border management/facilitation, energy and climate change, Arctic. Address decisively Buy American impacts on Canadian exporters. Advance relations with Mexico. Use North American Leaders Summit to advance Canada's economic, security, and environmental objectives. Implement Americas Strategy, with specific initiatives to promote greater economic prosperity, security and democratic governance, with Canada's leadership reinforced by bilateral and multilateral engagement on issues such as Haiti and Honduras.

Afghanistan, including in the context of neighbouring countries

Priority Commitments: Integrated approach to Afghanistan policy priorities for which the department is responsible: Afghanistan-Pakistan border management; Afghan National Police, justice and corrections in Kandahar province, and supporting Afghan-led reconciliation. Implement all diplomatic aspects of the Afghanistan mission. Finalize development of integrated strategy for the transition of Canada's mission in Afghanistan until 2011.

Asserting Canadian leadership in emerging global governance

Priority Commitments: In addition to heightening Canada's visibility at the UN Security Council, complete 2010 G8 & G20 Summit and Foreign Ministers' Meeting preparations and chairmanship to our advantage, demonstrating Canadian leadership in emerging global governance and galvanizing innovative international responses to global challenges in the areas of economic recovery, financial reform, peace and security, development, energy and climate change; and showcasing Canada as a dynamic business and innovation partner. Effectively leverage international events to present Canada as a global policy leader on security-related issues such as nuclear security, fragile states and counterterrorism. Position Canada as a leading Arctic nation working with other Arctic states and through the Arctic Council.

Transforming the department

Priority Commitments: Align with government priorities; strengthen our international platform; improve services to Canadians; focus on core business; strengthen accountability and financial management; renew our human resources. Deepen focus of transformation on missions and regional offices. Strengthen policy capacity. Simplify business practices. Enhance safety and security of missions abroad through new risk-based whole-of-government approaches. Renew business model with view to both economy and effectiveness.