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Bob Boyd - Bao Tak Fai Tai

As the Disciple of Grandmaster Ip Tai Tak and founder of the International Snake Style Association (ISSA), Bob Boyd ( Bao Tak Fai Tai) is teaching the Snake Style tai chi system world wide. If you would like to know more about organizing a snake style tai chi workshop in your area, please contact him here.

Welcome to Ip Family Tai Chi chuan - the Snake Style. 

As Grandmaster Ip’s Disciple, I am dedicated to practicing, preserving and passing on the snake style of Yang family tai chi chuan. The snake style was held secretly within the Yang family for five generations until Master Ip gave me permission to teach it openly and encouraged me to pass it on throughout the world.

The snake style fulfills the promise of tai chi, giving the practitioner a strong, flexible body, excellent health, and practical martial arts skills.

As Master Ip's Disciple, I encourage you to explore the greatness of snake style tai chi chuan.

Sincerely Yours,
Bao Tak Fai (Bob Boyd)