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Tai Chi Chuan Seminars
If you are interested in the teaching of Master Ip Tai Tak and the authentic Yang Tai Chi Snake Style System as passed down by Yang Sau Chung, fourth generation head of the Yang family, you might consider hosting Master Boyd and a few of his senior students for a workshop in your area.
Master Boyd and his students will demonstrate the snake style version of tai chi chuan, long boxing, tai chi sword, broadsword, form applications and a variety of push hands methods.
Master Boyd will use videos of Grandmaster Ip Tai Tak to reveal the subtle but important differences between the snake style (Disciple style) and student style (tiger, crane).
This will give you and your students the opportunity to see if you would like to participate in further studies with the Bao Tak Fai Tai Chi Institute. Fees are negotiable relative to the number of participants and the level of interest.
Past seminars have been held in Pasadena, California; Newport News,Virginia; Brussels, Belgium: Prague, Czech Republic and various places in Germany.

Master Boyd hosts an annual snake style retreat in Vermont in September. For details contact the Tai Chi Institute.

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