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   Very rare stamps
  Rare Stamps with Saddam Hussein


  Each note comes with:
   (Protective Plastic Sleeve)

           $32.95 ea

bullet Mint Condition and Uncirculated 10,000 Dinar Note (Very Limited Quantity)

bullet Minted by the Central Bank of Iraq, Issued 2002

bullet (Front Side) Features a portrait of Saddam Hussein and  Samarra: Spiral Minaret- Al-Mawiya

bullet (Back Side) Features the Baghdad Caliphs' Mosque and a Iraqi Religious Emblem

bullet Notes are 100% Genuine. To ensure that you purchase an authentic

bullet 1. Check the Arabic inscription on the hologramic security bar of "Iraqi Republic"

bullet 2. The prefix number,  is the 4 digit number on the top of the note, is less than 0200

bullet 3. Check for a security bar, nearly at the middle of the 10,000 Dinar Note.

bullet A chart of the Arabic vs. English Numeral is below:



Copyright 2002. All Rights Reserved.

      saddam Coins

Commemorative Coins Minted for Saddam Hussein in 1980

       War leaflets
Gulf War Leaflets telling the Iraqi people to beware of Land Mines and Unexploded Bombs
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  100% Authentic Propaganda Leaflets that were dropped on the Iraqi people


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