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IRC Etiquette - What to Do, What Not to Do

On IRC, or the Internet chats, there is a certain protocol to be followed. More commonly referred to as 'Netiquette', it is mainly about using good manners, common courtesies known world-wide, and at the root of it all, treating others as we want to be treated.

Listed below you'll find some of the more common rules of conduct we ask others to observe while visiting in #Beginner. Our goal is to make your stay as pleasant as possible, so sometimes that means reminding others of our rules, or removing those that choose to do their own thing.

We hope you will find your stay enjoyable...and will come back again :)

The Do's - Netiquette

  • Do guard your privacy! You never know when a stranger may pop open a window showing you your street address and your phone number. Keep private information PRIVATE.
  • Do use a firewall, such as ZoneAlarm (FREE!). It will keep intruders from probing into your computer.
  • Do use an AntiVirus Program, such as Innoculate (FREE!). Keep your scan files updated regularly so that you are able to scan for the most recent viruses/worms/trojans that are making the rounds around the Internet.
  • Do ask your questions...we strive to provide answers to the best of our abilities.
  • Do mingle, make conversation, watch -- IRC is intimidating at first, but with some practice, and good listening skills, you will be making new friends from around the globe in no time at all. :)
  • And most importantly of all, Be Nice, Play Nice, and Have Fun!

The Do Not's - Netiquette

  • Important!! Don't ever accept files or dcc/chats from anyone you don't know. Tempting sounding filenames can often be malicious trojans, carrying a bad virus which could effectively destroy the contents on your computer.
  • Don't ever give out personal information about yourself, such as your Real Name, City, Phone Number, E-Mail Address. BAD people use IRC too, don't fall prey to trouble that happens when others know too much about you.
  • Don't speak in CAPS - IT'S LIKE SHOUTING (!!!), and we prefer the soft tones.
  • No Flooding - which is sending too much information to the channel at once. Flooding is generally considered to be 4+ lines at once.
  • Limit the use of Color - we ALL enjoy colors, but when there is too much of it, it's overwhelming for the newcomers to the channel, so we ask that colors be used in moderation.
  • No Swearing - #Beginner has people from all walks of life, and many times from a wide age group, so we ask that others keep the channel family-rated. This means no off-color jokes and no foul-language, either in spoken conversation or in your nickname or IP.
  • Advertisers - please take your business elsewhere. Our goal in #Beginner is to instruct and help newcomers, it's not a place for others to advertise their websites, their businesses, or their personal persuasions.
  • Clones are unwelcome and will be removed. If you are connecting from a cyber-cafe, or a school, please contact someone wearing the @, and an exception may be allowed, or the Op may create a special channel for you and your friends to learn in.
  • Repeating.....Repeating.....Repeating.....Repeating....(is annoying). Refrain, please, once is enough.

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